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Dit evenement is voorbij.

Rick Glofcheski (University of Hong Kong) heeft de afgelopen jaren veel geëxperimenteerd met innovatieve toetsvormen in zijn lessen rechten. Zelfs met grote groepen slaagt hij erin om studenten te activeren om met feedback aan de slag te gaan en te leren van toetsen.  In dit webinar neemt hij ons mee in zijn experimenten en vertelt hij zijn geheim.

Outside of the community of assessment experts, the potential for assessment to support learning is not well understood. When met with the question -what are the purposes of your assessments?- teachers often reply that assessment is for evaluation only. Certainly, the notion that assessment should be purposefully designed to promote learning has not been embedded in general practice. This presentation will consider how assessment is typically treated by front-line teachers, and how that represents a lost learning opportunity for students. The presenter will cite illustrations from his practice in which the assessment becomes a learning event – indeed, learning becomes the primary purpose of the assessment. These illustrations will reach across many subthemes in assessment for learning: aligned assessment, authentic assessment and learning, task-based assessment and learning, assessment diversity, student choice, student participation in assessment, the role of feedback in assessment, as well as counter-themes such as resistance by institutions, and by students. The presenter will draw his illustrations from a large (260 students) law course that he has taught for more than 25 years.

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